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Our student experience is purposefully designed to be expansive. It is our belief that a balanced education leads to a powerful life, and we are committed to an atmosphere in which each of our students can explore their passions and interests on a profound level every day.

Inside and outside of the classroom, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School is a beehive of activity. In the Grammar School, children can enjoy their day at school from breakfast with their parents in the cafeteria to an incredible array of after-school options that is unique to CGPS. There are over a hundred club offerings in the Middle School and Prep School that students participate in during the school day, as well as 44 Club, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams from grades 5-12, instrumental and vocal music ensembles, and theater productions. The thoughtful, balanced daily schedule of our students encourages exploration, reflection and excellence. 

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    The Green Girls Host Bake Sale to Raise Money to Fight Climate Change

    Last Friday, the Green Girls hosted a bake sale in the Middle School cafeteria. The Green Girls is comprised of a group of MS girls who believe it is important to get the word out to the next generation about climate change to ensure a safe, habitable planet for everyone.

    • Middle School
    NYU Engineering Sisters Visit the Middle School

    On Friday, February 14, two sisters from the New York University School of Engineering,  Radhika and Riya Patel, visited the Middle School to discuss their love of science and mathematics and how they got to where they are now with the seventh graders.

    • Middle School