College Counseling

Everyone at CGPS—teachers, Deans, administrators, coaches, parents and fellow students—plays a role in the college process. Our College Office works with students, individually and in groups, starting in the sophomore year, but purposefully from the middle of junior year onwards.

Counselors keep in close touch with everyone who interacts with a student to ensure that the office develops a comprehensive portrait of each student as they go through the college application process. The office counsels your child and advocates for them. The office works especially hard to preserve students’ self-confidence and self-worth throughout the college process. We want them to be themselves at their best, not to become someone else in order to please a college—and we invite parents to be part of this journey.

The college process is an integral part of a CGPS education. Students explore their strengths and interests; they learn how to best present themselves authentically to a great variety of colleges; and they are guided to make choices that fit their academic and personal potential.

Counseling by Year

CGPS works hard to minimize the stress of the college process, introducing families to the College Counseling office in tenth grade and hosting trips, seminars and other events for juniors. In senior year, students are confident and enthusiastic about their college choices and are engaged in the work of making compelling applications. It helps that more than 100 college reps visit in the fall and that students have two excused days to visit campuses. We are extremely proud that over 80% of our students are accepted by their first or second choice college or university.

Meet the Team

Sara Polsky

Sara Polsky

College Office Writing Associate
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A Balanced Counseling Experience

Roll over the college banners below to read reflections from our graduates about CGPS's college office.

Whether it was knowing when to take standardized tests, deciding which of my activities best portrayed my passions in the common application, or having someone to talk with about my many essay ideas, there was always significant support from the college office."jonathan kogan '17
“The College Office provided me with the tools I needed to feel comfortable and confident. They understood my story, values and aspirations in order to steer me in the right direction and assist me in creating an application that represented me in the best light." XZANDRE SMITH '19
“I always wanted a spirited school but I knew I worked best in a smaller class size and smaller school. My counselor helped me find a school within Wisconsin that gave me the opportunity to have both. " Rachel schultz '19
"My college counselor helped me see that the different things that I liked about the college experience came together in a perfect way at USC. I am an actor studying theater, cinematic arts and the business of entertainment at the School of Dramatic arts. I'm becoming the young adult I believe I am meant to be."A.j. Roa '17

“My meetings with my counselor were always informative, stress-relieving, and incredibly useful as I navigated my way through this process. She always made sure I was organized, on-time with each deadline, and most importantly, that I remained calm."

Jared kimmel '19

“I am now entering my third year in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Had it not been for the encouragement and support of the College Office, I could have missed out on the opportunity to be a woman in the STEM industry." hannah taubenfeld '17
“My college counselor and I established a great relationship that helped me find the perfect "fit." She continued to help me after I chose a college to ensure that I had a positive transition. Also, throughout the complex process, the office quickly answered all of my mother's questions and concerns." TOrian clarke '18
“Having lived in New York City my entire life, I knew that I wanted a completely different college experience while retaining my favorite aspects of CGPS, including smaller class sizes and close relationships with teachers. The office guided me through the entire admissions process, from my common application to my essay and interview and helped me determine that Colby was a great fit for me." Jonathan stempel '16
“The College Office was a fantastic support system, helping me discover schools and programs that aligned with my interests, while at the same time opening my eyes to options that I would not have considered otherwise. This assistance preserved my confidence and set me on a path where I could reach my full potential." lindsay fuchs '16