Studio Arts



The Studio Arts program at Columbia Prep provides students with a broad studio experience in a variety of disciplines. Through both the compulsory art courses in Grades 8 and 9, and our broad electives program, our teachers provide a nurturing environment in which students can explore the materials, methods, and ideas that lead to self-expression, independent thinking, and imaginative problem solving. We believe that encouraging the exploration of ideas through experience and experimentation ultimately leads to greater independence and more successful communication of ideas.

Our electives span a number of disciplines such as Drawing and Painting, Mosaics, Ceramics and Sculpture, both traditional black and white and digital photography with access to our in-house dark room, Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Printmaking, Film and Video, and Stop­ Motion Animation, as well comprehensive art and architecture history courses. We also offer a variety of levels within each discipline, including independent study courses for advanced students, as well as two clubs: Cartoon and Comics and Art Club. Lastly, every spring we have a student art show to showcase all the wonderful work that’s been created in the program.