Prep School Science


At Columbia, our goal is to instill an interest and enthusiasm for the scientific pursuit among all our Prep School students. To do this, we provide classes of varying levels and disciplines to better suit our students’ interests, learning styles, and strengths. In Grade 8, students learn the fundamentals of Earth Science, from rocks and minerals to plate tectonics and earth history. They also explore a study of astronomy and the dynamic atmosphere. In Grade 9, students take an overview course of Biology, looking at cells as the basic unit of life, focusing on the details of cellular structures and functions. Other topics covered include ecology, inheritance, evolution, and human anatomy.

In Grades 10-12, a wider variety of classes are offered including regular and Honors Chemistry, regular and Honors Physics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, and Modern Physics. Forensic Science, Organic Chemistry, and other science electives are available as well.

For those looking for a more rigorous and accelerated program, we also offer Advanced Placement Science Courses. These courses are open to students who have exhibited the personal and academic qualities required to succeed.