Prep School Technology



Our students come out of Middle School with a broad working knowledge of general computer concepts. In our Prep School Computer classes, we further this knowledge and help students better understand the ways in which computers can be used as tools for design, production, and research as well as the implications of ethics and responsible behavior online. In Grade 8, students are exposed to a variety of applications and disciplines such as app design, graphic design, web design, and video editing.

In Grades 9­-12 students can choose to specialize in a topic and must complete one semester of a computer elective, although they are encouraged to take additional courses as scheduling and interests allow. Some possible electives include Computer Science, Podcasting, Web Site Design, Digital Video Editing, 3D Modeling and Printing, and more. Introductory and advanced level courses are available for most topics and additional courses may be offered depending on interest and ability levels.