Prep School History

The History program at Columbia Prep expands on the skills students learned in Grammer and Middle School such as research, written and oral expression, and analysis of primary and secondary sources. Students also gain critical reading skills and an understanding of history from different points of view. The overall goal of the program is to foster a passion for history while building analytical, research, and writing skills.

The program begins in Grade 8 with a sweeping study of Global History from 1300­-1800 and investigates the cultures, societies, and political systems of the world’s great empires. In Grade 9, the focus shifts to U.S. History from the time of the 13 colonies through the Cold War. This course covers the development of U.S. political institutions and explores the challenges our nation faced as it grew both domestically and globally. As students continue into Grade 10, they return to Global History but focus on the modern period from 1800 to the present. Students examine world economic systems on the eve of the Industrial Revolution, take a closer look at colonialism, imperialism, and de-colonialism, and end by surveying the re­emergence of Asian powers economically, politically, and culturally.

For Grades 11 and 12, students choose from a wonderful variety of single­ semester history electives that allow them to delve into more specific topics such as the Renaissance, Vietnam War, New York City, and world religions. Those students looking for more in-depth historical study in these years may apply for one of our four Advanced Placement history courses: AP U.S., AP Human Geography, AP World, and AP Psychology. Eligible students may take our advanced Tufts University Seminar in their senior year.