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April 19, 2021

April 12, 2021

JUSTICE IS by Victoria R.' 23

Skate Day by Chloe L.' 23

Space Cowboy by Chloe L. '23

Singer Celia G. ’21 (pictured in the top row, third from the left) performs in the NYSSMA All-State Concert

March 19, 2021

Fifth grade students have been participating in a powerful arts integrated curriculum, combining visual art and history. The students have been exploring personal and literary narratives through an artistic medium, inspired by the subjects they have been studying in their Core history classes.

Freya G., whose artwork you can find above, reflected on how the pandemic has impacted her and the rest of the world. She writes, "In my painting, there is a gate (the gate to my sleepaway camp), with lush, grassy fields. This symbolizes how many things are closed due to COVID, particularly my sleepway camp, which was closed last summer. This painting is important to me because in this painting, it recognizes our longing to attend certain things that we unfortunately cannot do right now. In the painting, there is not any person there because during the pandemic sleepaway camps were isolated."

Seventh grade English students created single-page graphic novels connecting to the topics of conformity, stereotypes, prejudice and/or identity formation inspired by their study of Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel American Born Chinese. Check out their work!

March 15, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, fifth graders have been working on a powerful project combining art and history. In class with art teacher Debra Duchin, each student chose an African American historical figure that piqued their curiosity. After selecting a figure they were interested in, such as influential poet Maya Angelou or trailblazing tennis player Arthur Ashe, they then picked an inspiring phrase or message from their chosen figure and created a visual representation of their words using various artistic mediums, including watercolor and pastel. Check out some of their artwork!

Ms. Rosillo's 9th grade biology classes extracted DNA from strawberries during a biotechnology unit. The students were able to successfully accomplish the lab while in person and remotely from their kitchens. Check out these photos from the extraction!