World Language

The goal of the World Language Department is to develop the students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in another language and to encourage and enrich their understanding of other cultures. The department combines a traditional belief in the importance of good grammar with modern methods, stressing the primacy of spoken language. Students at all levels make use of audio-visual equipment. A number of programs, which drill vocabulary and grammar, are available for use on the school’s computers. Streaming video, films, podcasts, and other programs foster good listening skills, a good accent, and interest in the language.

Students in Sixth Grade take a five-week introductory course in each of the languages offered at the school. Additionally, as part of the rotation, a Language Arts Skills course is included in the curriculum to reinforce students’ understanding of grammar structures in English. Students are introduced to new cultural worlds and begin to feel at ease with the sounds, rhythms, and patterns of the languages. They carry out short conversations in the languages and become familiar with the rudimentary demands of the idioms. Study tactics are emphasized. At the end of the year, students pick the language they wish to make their own.