In Middle School, we continue our goal of using technology to empower students to become independent, twenty-first century learners. Through regular meetings in our computer labs, students become more proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations—skills vital to their work in other academic areas. Students learn essential computer terminology, explore more advanced computing concepts such as the internal workings of computer hardware, and enhance their problem-solving and logical reasoning skills through coding. Recognizing the unique challenges students face at this social, emotional, and developmental juncture, we stress the concepts of being responsible, aware, and ethical on the Internet, social media, and while conducting Internet based research. Other increasingly advanced topics such as spam / virus identification, 3D modeling, web page design, introduction to Adobe Photoshop, and iMovie will also be covered, while touch typing is strongly reinforced along the way. To better incorporate technology, dedicated sets of laptops are available in all Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grade academic classrooms for classroom work and iPads are available in the computer labs.