Our Middle School Science program is designed to help students build a sense of appreciation for the nature of science. We believe that how new facts and ideas are learned is as important as the knowledge itself. This starts in Fifth Grade as students engage in guided discovery—collecting data, making observations, and arriving at appropriate conclusions. Topics include electricity, magnetism, and an introduction to matter. In our STEM program, students learn about engineering of simple machines such as pulleys and levers.

In Sixth Grade, students carry out investigations in life sciences, learning about cells, microscopes, and systems of the human body. The goal is for Sixth graders to form a more sophisticated attitude toward scientific problem solving. In STEM, students apply their creativity and knowledge of video software and digital cameras to produce a group video on cellular division.

In Seventh Grade, we emphasize a hands-on approach in which problem solving, independent thinking, communication, and procedure skills are developed. Seventh graders carry out an experiment or engineering project and learn how to write a formal laboratory report. They also study the physical and chemical properties of matter, atomic theory, and the periodic table.