At Columbia, our Middle School English program expands upon the skills learned in Lower School in order to foster an even deeper love of reading and writing within our students.

In Fifth Grade, students read a variety of literary genres while improving skills such as identifying elements of a story, interpreting figurative language, and drawing conclusions. Various forms of writing are also introduced such as personal narratives, persuasive essays, and research reports. Grammar exercises and new vocabulary are integrated throughout the year.

Sixth graders begin to exam their efforts more critically and work independently as they explore literary genres such as poetry, drama, and mythology. They are also encouraged to read aloud to gain fluency, expressiveness, and clarity of speech. Writing skills are also improved through a continuous process of drafting, revising, editing, and finalizing.

Themes of identity, morality, tolerance, friendship, and freedom are explored in Seventh Grade as students read, write about, and emulate multiple genres of literature. Students are also asked to read independently, choosing their own text or one of their teacher’s suggestions.