Physical Education and Swim

At Columbia, we believe that Physical Education and Swimming can help children form an appreciation of movement that can develop into a lifetime of fitness and health.

In Pre-K through First Grade P.E., students play games that help with loco-motor skills, body management, and the beginning of sport skills such as throwing, catching, and kicking. In Second through Fourth Grade, children then put those skills into action through age-appropriate games that mirror their favorite sports.

Our swim curriculum is for Pre-K through Third Grade students with three swimming teachers and a lifeguard on duty at all times. First, there’s a focus on water safety and basic movements. Later, swimmers learn to improve their techniques in all four competitive strokes. Each class also gets the opportunity for free time, group lessons, and games in the water. In addition, there’s a swim team for kids in grades 1-6 and a swim club that meets bi-weekly in the mornings.

Beyond the activities themselves, at Columbia we teach and apply interpersonal skills in every P.E. and swim lesson as well. This includes how to win and lose, and what it’s like to be a supportive teammate and respectful opponent.