The CGPS Music program begins in Pre-K where children learn new skills and concepts by singing, participating in musical games, playing instruments, and coordinating movement with music. Children’s ears get trained as they listen for different sounds, rhythms, and melodies. In First Grade, students develop skills in sight singing as they begin to read and write rhythms and learn some basic musical notation.

Musical traditions from around the world are explored in Second Grade, as students expand their music reading and comprehension skills and incorporate more classroom instruments. In Third Grade, children begin to develop more sophisticated singing skills such as rounds and two and three-part singing. Musical selections in this grade range from folk to choral arrangements to popular music. In Third Grade students also select an orchestral instrument to study for two years, learning the fundamentals, improving note reading skills, and learning to play in a group.

Throughout all grades, seasonal songs, performances, and songs relevant to the classroom curriculum are also incorporated into the music program.