Maker Space


The MakerSpace is a place for students to ask their own questions and find their own answers. Students in grades three and four work with both modern and traditional tools, and learn the basics of woodworking and construction right next door to 3D printing and robotics. 

The CGPS MakerSpace is an exercise in inquiry-based learning. Students follow the engineering design process they were introduced to in kindergarten, and learn to identify and solve problems with little teacher intervention. The children work with traditional tools some parents may remember from shop class, and they explore modern building tools like Little Bits circuits, and Raspberry Pi computers. We even installed the Grammar School's first 3D printers, and the children have created some truly amazing designs!

The MakerSpace is a hands-on place for students to build, create, and pursue projects that interest them the most. They draw from other subjects they study throughout the day—connecting lessons from math and technology with art and even music—to create something entirely their own. Students are taught to develop a broad vision that includes the aesthetics and the nuts-and-bolts of a project, and they are involved in every stage of the creation process. 

In addition to developing a growth mindset, students build resiliency in the MakerSpace. Failed tests are opportunities to improve and in the MakerSpace, things are fixed! 

Collaboration is a big part of working in the MakerSpace. Students team up to complete a project during class, but they also work with students from other sections to complete the same project over a period of time. Many of the projects in the MakerSpace are "open," which means that the students know the ultimate goal, and will pick up where their peers left off. The teamwork and collaboration required for this is very much in the spirit of the MakerSpace, where students work as a community.