Language Arts

The Language Arts program at Columbia is designed to foster a deep love of reading and writing in our students. This starts in Pre-Kindergarten where children learn the skills needed to begin reading such as the alphabet, phonics, and auditory work to break apart words and make different sounds. In Kindergarten, storytelling—both oral and written—is a central focus as children begin to identify themselves as readers and writers. By First Grade, the focus is on learning to read, and our teachers and reading specialists use whole group and small group instruction to make sure each child meets his or her goals.

As they progress, students become more independent, fluent, and comprehensive readers. In Second Grade they also become a community of writers with emerging skills in composition, basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Third and Fourth Grade students build comprehension and communication skills as they’re exposed to a variety of great literature, from classics to more contemporary fiction. They also learn to respond to their reading through summaries, character analyses, and other literary essays.