Chess is an exciting game of strategy and tactics, which children enjoy and can learn at their own pace. It contains elements from art, science, math, and sports and has been proven to be a valuable tool for improving social skills, thinking, and decision making, as well as patience and focus. At CGPS, we include chess as part of our regular curriculum and invite everyone in our community to be a part of the team.

Chess is first introduced in Kindergarten through huge outdoor pieces and an extra-large board where we show short illustrative games and teach the language skills needed for children to express their ideas. In First Grade, students then learn the written skills needed to record their moves. These are later discussed as a way to gain insight into their own thinking and decision-making as chess problems become increasingly more complex.

Beyond the classroom, every school day starts with Sunrise Chess where students from all grades, along with their parents, are invited to come on a voluntary basis for guided play and fun. After-school chess is also offered twice a week for everyone and on Fridays for those who enjoy tournament play.