What is the CGPF and why is it important?

The Columbia Grammar & Preparatory Fund (CGPF) is the engine that drives our School’s continued success. This annual fundraising initiative is the primary source of annual revenue that supports the most important priorities of the School. It funds the latest in classroom technology, and expands and improves our facilities. It supports our curricular innovation and strengthens our wide array of competitive athletic offerings. The CGPF enhances our acclaimed music and arts programs. It helps us to retain and attract the best faculty and also supports professional development to ensure that our teachers are at the forefront of pedagogical advancements. The CGPF is essential to boost student financial aid, ensuring that our outstanding students can participate fully in all aspects of student life. The Fund is the most important donation you can make to directly impact every single aspect of School life and will ensure the continuation of our One School experience.

Why does CGPS need philanthropic giving in addition to tuition?

Like all independent schools, CGPS relies on the generous support of our community to support our comprehensive and individualized programming that exceeds our tuition revenue.

What is the CGPF used for?

The CGPF impacts and enhances each student’s experience from preK through senior year. From providing the best educators across every discipline, cutting edge technology, state of the art facilities, an extraordinarily broad range of extracurricular and before and after school activities, the CGPF gives us the financial flexibility to ensure that we are providing the best opportunities for each of our students and create an individualized experience that will make the words of our mission a reality.

How can I give?

Listed below are options to consider when making your gift. The Office of Institutional Advancement is happy to help if you need any assistance.
Please make checks payable to Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School and send to: CGPS Office of Institutional Advancement, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, 36 West 94th Street, New York, NY 10025. Gifts may be made at any time and are due by June 30, the end of our fiscal year. To make an online gift, please visit our online giving page now.

Credit Cards 
The school accepts Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards as payment for gifts. These contributions are recognized at their full value on the date that a charge is accepted by the bank. To make an online gift, please visit our online giving page.

Matching Corporate Gifts
Many corporations match their employees' contributions to independent schools. Some companies even double or triple their employees' contributions. To find out if your company participates in a matching gift program, check with your Human Resources Department or search for your company here.

Stock Gifts
Gifts of appreciated stock owned more than one year provide significant tax advantages to the donor and are easy to arrange. Donors receive a deduction for the full market value of the stock on the day of transfer to CGPS and avoid capital gains on the increased value of long-term securities. To transfer a gift of securities to the school, please contact the CGPS Office of Institutional Advancement or review the information on our Stock Transfer form

Planned Giving
Unlike tuition and gifts to the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory Fund that support the School’s annual operating expenses, planned gifts generate a reliable source of income that helps ensure the long term financial security of CGPS. Donors may consider giving through such means as life insurance, bequests or charitable trusts. Gift planning can be a way to reduce or avoid estate and inheritance taxes. We encourage you to speak with your financial planner when considering any type of planned gift.

The School is pleased to provide you, your attorney, accountant or tax advisor with additional information and assistance. Keep in mind that this information is general in nature. Always contact your professional tax advisor to learn how this general information relates to your individual circumstances. We are most grateful for your philanthropic support.

For additional information or questions on making a long-term gift to the CGPS, please contact Director of Institutional Advancement Jennifer Rhodes at 212.749.6200 x298, or through our contact form here.

For further information about making a gift to the CGPF, please contact:
Evgeniya Kirpicheva
Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement
212.749.6200 x220

CGPS's fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Why is participation important?

Your gift, no matter the size, counts! Your support of the CGPF is a vote of confidence in our School and all that it offers, from sunrise to sunset, in the classroom, on stage, in the lab, on the field and in the studio. A high participation rate not only increases our eligibility for foundation grants, it strengthens our program which believes that a balanced education leads to a powerful life.

What are matching gifts?

Matching gift programs are offered by many companies as a way to increase the size of your overall contribution to CGPS. Please check here to see if your company participates in a matching gift program. If your company participates in the program, please request a matching gift form from your employer, send the completed form with your gift and the Advancement Team will complete the process. The matching gift will be counted toward your overall CGPF contribution. 

Who can help me with my question about the CGPF?

For any further questions, please contact:
Evgeniya Kirpicheva 
Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement
212.749.6200 x220