The Columbia Prep School Interscholastic Athletic Program is a natural extension of the high school curriculum that provides activities for the growth and development of our students.

As an outgrowth of the School’s philosophy of a well-rounded education, the program focus on the intellectual and moral development of the athlete and gives athletes a basis for learning. We strive for growth and development in the area of character, personality, sportsmanship, teamwork and skill. We expect that the student will learn to compete with pride and honor, gain an appreciation for sports and develop overall responsibility. CGPS has a strong participation rate in our athletic program. Nearly 60% of the student body is on one or more of the 41 competitive teams we offer for grades 7 through 12. With over 50 coaches on the staff, student-athletes experience some of the finest coaching that the city has to offer.


“Fostering integrity and commitment, and valuing the team as much as the individual is as essential to effective coaching as strategic play and skill development."

Joseph Grande director of athletics

Teams and Schedules

Athletic Training

The athletic training program at Columbia Prep provides healthcare for student in grades 7-12 participating on any of the 39 sports teams throughout the academic year.

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Check in with the latest scores, game times and location of our CGPS Lions!

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