Middle School Theater & Dance

Theater & Dance Overview

For one semester during their sixth or seventh grade year, students take drama. Participating in drama helps students gain self-confidence, imagination, empathy, cooperation, memory and communication skills.

The curriculum is divided into four units: developing the actor’s instrument through voice and movement; introduction to basic acting with exercises focused on concentration, listening and motivation; storytelling as a solo performer using freestyle rap and moth storytelling; and collaborating to write and perform a two-person scene using a location as a foundation.

Drama focuses on developing the following skills:

  • Focus/concentration 
  • Relaxation/body awareness 
  • Voice: Diction, Projection, Pronunciation 
  • Listening/responding
  • Following directions 
  • Teamwork and collaboration and confidence

In addition, Middle Schoolers can participate in extra-curricular theater and dance through the sixth and seventh grade musical which premieres at the end of the fall semester.

Sixth & Seventh Grade Musical