Theater & Dance


Performance: Musical Theater

Beginning in the fourth grade, students have opportunities to act, dance and sing in musicals. In the Prep School, two musicals, performed in the Off-Broadway-sized theater, directed by faculty and choreographed by Broadway professionals, are spectacular highlights of the year. The musicals are divided by class years to give every student an opportunity to grow as a musician and actor. Professional musicians and a state-of-the-art sound system complement the productions. Past shows include "Chicago," Rent," "The Sound of Music," "Sweeney Todd" and "Grease."

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Performance: Prep School Acting, Directing & Devising

For Prep School students, exploring the power of plays is an integral part of the theater curriculum both on stage and in the classroom. Through courses like Acting & Directing, Production Workshop and Senior Play (where seniors select, cast, act in, produce and direct one-acts) students spark creativity, grow their self-confidence and learn essential communication skills. After school, students can perform in three plays per year, including the Senior Plays. The Spring Play at CGPS can include devising, where students work together to conceptualize, write and produce an entire show.

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Performance: dance concert

Dance Concert is a year-end culmination at CGPS that showcases student choreography and technique, supported by professional choreographers. It features all styles, traditions and genres of dance, from ballet to hip-hop to step. Dance Concert provides space for exploration and diversity. Students rehearse within school hours in the dedicated Dance Lab, and can get involved by signing up for Dance Club, Step Club, Modern Dance I or II and Choreography. Guest choreographers deeply enrich the students' understanding of the limitless possibilities of dance.  

GRammar school & middle school drama

Both in class and in extra-curricular theater performances, students are introduced to a range of acting and directing tools. For younger students, the study of drama evolves from the confidence and creative expression of their yoga and dance practice. Sixth and seventh graders also study drama, preparing them for the incredible acting opportunities available in the Prep School. 

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design & Production

CGPS's expansive production design opportunities include lighting, scenery, sound, projections, props, costumes, makeup, and stage management.  Students can take classes that cover the conceptual design process, and work backstage to gain hands-on experience.  For advanced students, there is the immersive Production Workshop course, in which students have the opportunity to collaborate as part of the Creative Team, designing and producing all areas of the Prep School’s Spring Play.  Students are trained on cutting-edge sound, light, video and projection equipment and software. Students learn to independently run full length productions in a setting that synthesizes a professional theatrical environment.

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Stagecraft and Technical Theater

Prep school students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty and professional technicians to learn a variety of hands-on skills in carpentry, painting, electrics, sewing, crafting, and props construction.  Through the Stagecraft course, Stagecraft Club, and our expansive production stage crews, students learn proper safety procedures and practical construction skills needed to bring a production to life.

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dance & choreography

Modern Dance encourages self-expression and freedom of movement at all age levels. In the Grammar School, children use dance to refine motor skills through joyful self-expression. In the Prep School, classes focus on movement sequences, structured improvisations and spontaneous reaction to time, space and energy. Dance clubs and concerts provide ample performance opportunities. The choreography program offered includes two courses taught by professional choreographers and culminates in staged work during the Dance Concert.

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Yoga practice improves coordination, balance, strength and flexibility for all students. It is also a harmonizing practice that brings balance to body and mind through postures, breath work, sun salutations, guided meditation and relaxation. 

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