Grammar School Studio Arts

Studio Art Education by Grade


Kindergarten students spend their first year in the art studios exploring with art materials. They are introduced to the fundamentals of color, line and shape through drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and sculpture. The children artists are encouraged to engage in a variety of processes and techniques. By the second semester students begin working three dimensionally and continue to develop their ability to communicate visually.

First Grade

First grade students are introduced to a varied arts curriculum that explores different art techniques and media. Throughout the year the children work with drawing from stories and their imaginations. They are also exposed to color theory and composition through large scale tempera painting. First grade artists explore shape, line and a variety of brush strokes. In addition to drawing and painting, students work with clay to create simple pottery and sculpture. In collaboration with the classroom curriculum study of New York City, each student constructs a cardboard relief representation of a city block.

Second Grade

Second grade students are introduced to a varied arts curriculum that explores different art techniques and media. Artists continue their study of lines and shapes through projects that encourage them to create “active drawings.” Students also work three dimensionally by constructing soft paper sculptures as well as ceramic pieces. In collaboration with the classroom social studies curriculum, students visually tell the story of immigration. They collage multiple large scale murals, which are showcased at the annual International Festival.  

Third Grade

Third grade students continue to explore and expand on their art skills. They incorporate a variety of art materials into longer term art projects. Over the course of the year artists work to refine their visual acuity including a unit in color theory, texture and shape. Drawing projects include a self study, still life observations and drawing from their imaginations. In third grade, students look at the work of various artists throughout the ages and projects are inspired by their styles. They also observe architectural details on buildings. From these observations they draw and sculpt the head of a gargoyle. In collaboration with the classroom Native American studies curriculum, students construct ceramic pinch/coil pots which are painted in styles reflective of Native American culture.

The Grammar School's art studios provide a place for students to express feelings and ideas in a safe, nurturing environment.

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade art curriculum fosters independent thinking and a more formal approach to drawing. Students use sketchbooks throughout the year to record their thoughts and ideas and to plan future projects. Such projects include mask making, profile figure drawing and graffiti typography. Students work with clay using both slab and hand-building techniques. Projects incorporate a range of materials and found objects, encouraging students to think unconventionally. The art studios provide students a valuable opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas in a safe and nurturing environment.

Grammar School Studio Art