Studio Arts

Ceramics & Sculpture

From the first pinch-pots to advanced projects in ceramics, CGPS students explore a range of techniques and processes with clay. Students at all ages are encouraged to use projects to express themselves and explore their interests. In Prep School, student artists work with metal to create both sculpture and jewelry.

Grammar School Middle School Prep School

Painting & Drawing

Painting and drawing are fundamental skills taught throughout a student's time at CGPS. Instruction in pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, colored pencils and collage begins with the essentials and culminates with an advanced understanding of the aesthetic principles of composition, design and color theory.

Grammar School Middle School Prep School

photography & video

First introduced to students as part of their Middle School arts rotation, photography and video instruction in the Prep School is comprehensive and forward-looking, including classes in cell phone photography, Photoshop and stop-motion animation in addition to classic darkroom and digital photography, film and video courses. 

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DIGITAL ARTS & Graphic design

The computer is a creative tool in contemporary studio art. At CGPS, students have the opportunity to develop formal digital art skills that allow them to create and manipulate art using digital imaging tools and technology.

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arts integration

Middle School students participate in an art-integrated curriculum, which allows students to exhibit a broad understanding of math, history, science and other subjects through art making. 

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Hero photo by Caleb Moller '22

Painting & Drawing image by Sophie silverman '19