Arts History

art history

Western Art History (a survey study of western art from Prehistory to the Renaissance) and Global Art History (a survey course that considers art history from a global perspective) are both offered as part of the Prep School’s robust arts history rotation.

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music history

Music History provides students with an historical overview of Western music, beginning with the Gregorian chant in the Dark Ages. Students study music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, as well as music from the twentieth century. In Musical Theater History, students study the history of one of the few truly American art forms: musical theater. Learn More

theater history

Merging celebration, ritual and drama, theater is at heart a cultural performance. Students explore the concepts of honor, loyalty and revenge by studying the influential theatrical traditions of Ancient Greece, Elizabethan England and Tokugawa Japan.

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independent study

The art history independent study is an advanced course designed for students who have demonstrated a commitment to the academic study of art. Through research, writing and one-on-one meetings with an advisor, students are able to delve more deeply into a topic of their choosing, that reflects their own unique interests.

Hero photo by Andrew wang '19

independent study photo by ilana golberg '20