Meet the CGPS '13 Alum Rapping in Shanghainese

SOURCE:  "Meet the American making waves by rapping in Shanghainese" by Louise Moon 

A 2-minute video featuring our 2013 Graduate Ivan Marks rapping fluently in the Shanghai dialect and praising the metropolis is making a splash on Chinese social media. The video clip entitled “Reasons to love Pudong”, shows him in different locations across the Shanghai district, declaring his love for the area. Since the video's recent release it has gained 62,000 views in three days.

According to the South China Morning Post:

Marks was selected to perform in this video because of his fluency in the local dialect. He first gained fame in the city when he was among the top five in a local competition run by a local station in Shanghai to find presenters. He also came first in a citywide contest to find the best foreigner speaking Shanghainese in 2016.

He began learning Mandarin at age 15 here at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. Marks, now 23, said he first heard Shanghainese when his teacher spoke on the phone to her daughter.  The rest is history.

Read the full article with a link to the Youtube video here.