Siblings & Legacies

CGPS is first and foremost a family school. We believe in keeping our loyal and supportive families and alumni in the CGPS community, provided that we can best serve the holistic needs of the applicant.

CGPS has a long-standing sibling policy that demonstrates our commitment to families within our school community. If your child is eligible to apply for the 2022-23 school year we are offering siblings of currently enrolled students the opportunity to apply for the Early Decision option for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

It is only through this Early Decision process that preferential consideration is given. We will notify families of the Early Admission Decision in December. If you do not choose the Early Decision option, your child will be placed in the general pool of applicants to be notified in February and March. 

Please complete the application, accessible from your parent portal, and submit it by Thursday, October 1, 2021. Once the student information and family information is completed, please contact Allie Shartle for scheduling.

Official notification dates are determined by ISAAGNY.

Grade Entering  Notification Mailing  Noon Parent Reply Deadline


Not before Tuesday, December 1

Not later than Friday, January 15

Friday, January 22

Not before Wednesday, December 9

Not later than Monday, January 11

Friday, January 15

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