Ask Our Students

Our best ambassadors for the School are the students themselves. Here, some of our student tour guides, members of the Blue Key Club, answer some of the most frequently asked questions they hear on tours.

the CGPS Community

Tessa '20 talks about CGPS's tight-knit community that can be found throughout the Prep School.

What about homework?

Jeremy '20 fills us in about teacher expectations and a balanced life at CGPS. 

The 9th Grade trip at CgpS

Frank '23 reflects on the importance of CGPS's traditional 9th grade orientation trip.

Do you have any advice for new students?

What insight can Sasha '23 give for new students?


Joel '21 fills us in on what role the over 100 clubs CGPS offers play in the Prep School.


Oamiya '20 discusses how CGPS helps students navigate the college application process.

What makes CGPS UNIQUE?

Antonia '21 shares her perspective on what sets CGPS apart from other schools. 

What's one thing I would change about CGPS?

Is there one thing that Jeremy '20 would do differently?