Physical Education

The Prep School Physical Education department believes in the development of a healthy, physically fit student who has an understanding of personal wellness.

Through physical education, students learn and develop teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperative behavior. They foster an appreciation for personal fitness and other social skills vital to becoming healthy, productive members of the community through active participation in movement and sport. Students are furnished with the knowledge and skills to value and apply physical activity and its benefits for a lifetime.

Course Offerings

General PE

General PE is modeled after the Fitness For Life curriculum. The course enables students to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness and to increase physical competence, self-esteem and the motivation to pursue lifelong physical activity. Students gain an understanding of the components of health-related fitness, training principles and the benefits of being physically active. Students participate in activities that increase physical fitness levels and develop health practices that value physical activity and its contribution to lifelong fitness. The topics of study in physical fitness include wellness, health-related physical fitness, fitness terminology, training principles, components of fitness, fitness assessments, goal-setting, benefits of fitness and skill-related fitness.

PE Electives

About our Electives program: A hallmark of Columbia Prep is the value placed on individual students and their interests. Beginning in the ninth grade, the curriculum offers many electives in art, music, theater, technology and physical education. As the students progress through high school, they are given increasing autonomy to choose their courses and, by the time they reach their junior and senior years, they are creating their entire academic programs in all subjects—English, history, math, science, world language and all other elective courses. Harnessing and building upon their passions within the context of the courses results in interested, successful and independent graduates who are ready for the next educational step in their lives.

PE Electives: Physical Education offers a wide range of electives that follow the principles of the department’s health and wellness philosophy. They include Barbell, Crossfit, Basketball, Tennis, Gamercising, Flag Football, Badminton, Fitness & Wellness, Modern Dance, Yoga, Racquet Sports and Recreational Games.