The Prep School Music Department prepares students to have a life-long relationship with music.

The creation, study, enjoyment and promotion of music as a primary cultural force enhances the lives of our students and the societies to which they belong. Music is a fundamental part of the core curriculum. The Music Department offers a wide variety of performance, theory, composition and history classes. There are also an array of non-credit music-making opportunities throughout the academic cycle.

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Course Offerings

goals for graduates
  • Create: The department offers a wide variety of classes that inspire students to explore and create. In addition to traditional instrumental and vocal classes and ensembles, the use of the latest music technology allows any student to have an entry point into the world of music creation. Perform: The department provides our students with real world experiences as performing musicians.
  • Perform: The department provides our students with real world experiences as performing musicians at School and as well as community events.
  • Respond: Students are invited to engage with music through active listening to help them develop and express their opinions about the music they encounter. We seek to answer the difficult, if not impossible, question: What makes music “good"?
  • Connect: The music faculty teaches students to value music and to understand its place within the arts, society and the human experience. Students are familiarized with the vast array of careers in music creation and the music business. The faculty strives to be role models for the students by fostering their own passions and performance opportunities. The program’s goal is that all students can learn and enjoy music-making experiences and understand their own potential as musicians.