Eighth Grade

CGPS is unique in that the eighth grade is the youngest grade in the Prep School, where students are welcomed into a structured environment that helps prepare students for the rigors of high school.

Their class groupings are as carefully considered and selected as they are in the Middle School. Eighth grade students enjoy continuous guidance and supervision by our faculty, including a weekly meeting in small groups with their Dean. Unlike grades 9-12, they have no free periods in their day, and their lunch period is scheduled. At the same time, they are afforded more autonomy than they had in the Middle School, allowing them avenues of exploration and self-sufficiency. They begin to explore their affinities through participation in clubs during the school day and extracurricular activities, including sports teams and music and theater productions. Eighth grade allows students to have a taste of high school life at CGPS, introducing them to the Prep School faculty and facilities. Eighth grade is also the first time students are introduced to the academic system of high school, with their first end-of-year final exams and the same choices in World Language as the high school.


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