Studio Art

The Prep School Studio Art department believes that each CGPS graduate should understand how the arts enhance our world and enrich our lives, and appreciate the positive impact the arts have on all communities and cultures.

Each student should also understand that art is accessible and approachable through a range of disciplines, hands-on experiences and the acquisition of effective problem solving and critical thinking skills, opening the door to future study, collaboration and creation.

Studio Art Gallery

The Prep School’s in-depth studio arts program includes studios dedicated to painting and drawing, digital and film photography, stop-motion animation, video, ceramics and metalworking. Learn more about the arts program here

Course Offerings

goals for our graduates
  • A general understanding of the principles and elements of art, including composition and design, the incorporation of technology, art theory and history and the ability to discuss the formal elements of art with knowledge and objectivity. 
  • Acquisition of and experience with basic skills, techniques, concepts and principles, using a range of methods, materials and disciplines, so that each student has the “language” necessary to express her or his ideas effectively, and the experience and confidence to apply these principles to their own work.
  • A basic understanding of the history of art, how art has represented and reflected communities and cultures, and that ideas about beauty and aesthetics vary across time and cultures and that reasons for making art vary across cultures, regions and time periods. 
  • To know the joy that comes from making something that reflects their unique world view and shows an investment of time and care and to develop the confidence in working toward their goals with discipline, commitment and independence. 
  • To understand and appreciate the importance of collaboration (whether during class critiques and discussions or group projects), and support a positive community by maintaining an overall respect for the craft, the studio spaces, the materials and the opinions of their peers.