Prep School

At Columbia Prep, we offer students unparalleled opportunities to explore their passions and become accomplished learners and conscientious citizens. We value each and every student, embracing their talents and supporting their individual journey.

Walking through the halls of our Prep School, you will encounter classrooms alive with engaging discussions in all subjects as diverse and comprehensive as neuroscience, migration, Greek tragedy and linear algebra. You will overhear conversations in Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and French as well as observe discussions in Latin class. You will see our magnificent ceramics, drawing, metalsmithing, photography and digital photography studios, our impressive computer labs, and our theater, music suite and dance studio. With over 50 Advanced Placement, advanced and honors level courses, hundreds of English, history, math, science, art, technology, music, theater and physical education electives, many clubs and almost 40 athletic teams, there truly is something compelling for every student to try!   

In addition to our rigorous college preparatory curriculum, we prioritize the social and emotional growth of our students. We believe the communication and collaboration among our support teams, teachers, students and parents set us apart. The 9th grade Peer Leadership and 11th grade College Trips help to foster these connections. Our highly regarded deans, school counselors and college counseling team support and advise students as they successfully, happily and thoughtfully navigate their teenage years in preparation for top universities and their lives beyond Columbia Prep. 

Our students know that their teachers, counselors and deans understand and appreciate them for their individual talents and interests. Additionally, we are a school that values and respects every member in our community and in the world beyond these walls. At Columbia Prep, we help every student learn, explore and, ultimately, thrive.



At Columbia Prep, we support and inspire our students to develop into the very best versions of themselves. As a community, we value intellectual engagement, resourcefulness and empathy. Our teams of deans, teachers, advisors, and college counselors provide essential guidance for our students’ productive and successful academic, social, and emotional journeys. We believe that a rigorous yet balanced approach to academic courses, elective offerings, extracurricular clubs, artistic pursuits, and athletics creates bountiful opportunities for our students to thrive, each in his or her individual way. 

our core values

At CGPS, our five core values are the pillars that define curricular, extracurricular and social-emotional life for our community.