Prep School

In CGPS’s Prep School, we believe that academic excellence is the result of an inspired, engaged and curious student body who are given frameworks for high-level thinking, rather than cookie-cutter approaches. We believe that students flourish when they are given a myriad of academic and extracurricular opportunities — and that a balanced high school experience, one of artistic pursuits, athletics, and many other extracurricular activities, is essential to a successful academic experience.

Our Electives program, which is central to this signature approach, is one of the ways we challenge and excite our students to pursue their interests and passions to the highest level possible. The Prep School offers literally hundreds of classes that our students can choose from, starting in the ninth grade. A typical tenth grader at CGPS takes studio arts, music, theater and dance, science, creative writing or other electives alongside their core classes. We have a wide range of advanced courses, with classes such as college-level Advanced Science Research, over 25 Advanced Placement offerings and our signature Advanced Tufts University Seminar course.

The Prep School’s exceptional academic program is led by our extraordinary teachers, dedicated professionals who are passionate about their subjects, but are even more passionate about connecting with their students and understanding their interests. CGPS is rightly known for the deep and enduring relationships that faculty develop with their students. Those ties are evident when you walk around the halls of CGPS — you will see teachers and students meeting to discuss class material, clubs, projects or just catching up. Our students are known and seen by the dedicated faculty and staff of our School.

Student life at CGPS is vibrant. We have over 100 clubs, run as part of the school day —almost all are student-led. Additionally, our plays, concerts, musicals ånd dance productions are of excellent, professional quality. Our theater and dance department stages three plays, a musical, and a dance concert every year. We have over 60% student participation rate in our athletic program, and more than 40 teams. Many of our teams have won multiple consecutive league championships. Our highly regarded athletic program is essential to the spirit of our community.

The Prep School is a place where every student can find and embrace their talents. We are proud that CGPS is the place that our students call a second home.

Scott Wilson
Prep School Director


At Columbia Prep, we support and inspire our students to develop into the very best versions of themselves. As a community, we value intellectual engagement, resourcefulness and empathy. Our teams of deans, teachers, advisors, and college counselors provide essential guidance for our students’ productive and successful academic, social, and emotional journeys. We believe that a rigorous yet balanced approach to academic courses, elective offerings, extracurricular clubs, artistic pursuits, and athletics creates bountiful opportunities for our students to thrive, each in his or her individual way. 

our core values

At CGPS, our five core values are the pillars that define curricular, extracurricular and social-emotional life for our community.