Seventh Grade

Seventh graders are the leaders of the Middle School, modeling empathy, maturity and responsibility to the younger students.

They complete capstone projects in their classes that demonstrate their mastery of increasingly challenging material as well as their readiness for the Prep School. They problem-solve, analyze and advocate for themselves across the curriculum. Having sampled five different languages in sixth grade, seventh graders choose one language to focus on for the year.

Seventh Grade Curriculum

Middle school coordinators

Each of our academic disciplines has a Curriculum Coordinator. Each Coordinator sets a vision for curricular excellence in each of our academic and co-curricular subjects; English, math, social studies, Science/STEAM, world language, music, art and physical education. Coordinators ensure that content and skills taught in each subject are relevant and up to date with current beliefs and research, and they align curricular expectations to create continuity and ensure alignment. They also work closely with teachers to establish the most up-to-date and effective teaching strategies. Coordinators meet regularly to create opportunities for curricular integration, creating connections between content in two or more disciplines in order to help students understand the infinite ways in which knowledge is interconnected.