Fifth Grade

The fifth grade CORE program is a central place for students new to the Middle School building to come together for shared academic and social-emotional opportunities.

The fifth grade academic program fosters burgeoning independence, critical thinking skills both abstract and conceptual, and analysis of connections to the curriculum through individual experiences. In social studies, students explore why communities seek to establish new civilizations, how to create balance through government structures and how the foundations of our forefathers influence the policies of today. In language arts, inferential, analytical and comprehension skills are cultivated through expository writing, vocabulary development and written expression. All of these interconnected disciplines allow students to develop relationships with their peers while balancing shared experiences with the collective fifth grade community.

Fifth Grade Curriculum

Middle school coordinators

The Middle School Department Coordinator serves as the lead facilitator for department planning and curricular mapping and execution . The Coordinator works directly with teachers, providing collaborative and one-on-one support, and facilitates teacher inquiry and related professional development. The Coordinator focuses on enhancing our teachers’ abilities to provide comprehensive  instruction that builds our students’ engagement in the ownership of learning. The Coordinator also works with Division Head(s), the Curriculum Coordinator and teachers to collect, analyze and interpret data and uses it to inform instructional decisions.