Middle School

The middle school years are a time of tremendous change and growth as students develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, often in rapid and unpredictable ways.  Our Middle School, its own unique and distinct division, is designed to meet all of the developmental needs of our students in grades 5-7. Our curriculum advances student learning and understanding and cultivates a culture of inquiry, resilience and independence, always focused upon developing the whole child and tomorrow’s citizens.

The strength of any school is its faculty. Our dedicated Middle School faculty members possess both subject matter expertise and a deep understanding of middle school students. Our Middle School teachers are the best at what they do. Students value the relationships they develop with their teachers, and the trust that emerges from these connections encourages the type of exploration, curiosity, and risk-taking that leads to meaningful learning and growth.   

Among a variety of signature offerings in the Middle School, a particular standout is the STEAM program. Students enjoy many opportunities for enrichment to reach the highest levels of achievement and performance. While a rich academic program lays the foundation for the Middle School experience, our students engage in a textured experience that includes the arts, music, theater and sports. Our goal is for our Middle School students to develop passions and a sense of self as they grow into young adolescents.  

Every child has a story, and every teacher takes the time to know and celebrate those stories. When respect and empathy are paramount, joyful, balanced and successful students depart Middle School prepared to thrive in their Prep School experience.

Paul Baly, Middle School Director

Educational philosophy

The Middle School recognizes its responsibility to develop each student into a well-educated productive, capable and caring individual. The School is committed to a rigorous and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum. During the Middle School years, emphasis is placed on  the continuing development of fundamental skills and critical thinking. The academic program is designed to produce confident, independent thinkers who can fully apply the basic concepts attained in earlier grades. The students learn through interactive discussion, important current skills including collaboration, design thinking and innovation. In the Middle School, we take pride in the excellence of our curriculum, the strength of our teachers and the growth and caliber of our students. 


Middle School enrollment


Student/teacher ratio


3D printers


Different instruments to learn


Fully functional, watertight boats designed and built by seventh graders

Middle school coordinators

The Middle School Department Coordinator serves as the lead facilitator for department planning and curricular mapping and execution . The Coordinator works directly with teachers, providing collaborative and one-on-one support, and facilitates teacher inquiry and related professional development. The Coordinator focuses on enhancing our teachers’ abilities to provide comprehensive  instruction that builds our students’ engagement in the ownership of learning. The Coordinator also works with Division Head(s), the Curriculum Coordinator and teachers to collect, analyze and interpret data and uses it to inform instructional decisions.

our core values

At CGPS, our five core values are the pillars that define curricular, extracurricular and social-emotional life for our community.