At CGPS, the prekindergarten program focuses on a child-centric, developmentally appropriate approach to teaching the whole child.

The primary learning outcome of the curriculum is to address areas of social, creative, cognitive, physical and emotional development. Our prekindergarten students are natural scientists, mathematicians, storytellers, artists and good friends. Activities and lessons are carefully designed to ensure a developmentally appropriate, language-rich program where the curriculum is responsive to the children’s interests, needs and individual levels of development.

The units of study are deliberately structured to channel children’s innate curiosity about the community around them, inspiring an early love for learning that serves as a foundation for academic success.

Small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios provide students with a learning environment that emphasizes the development of skills, creativity and character. An enriched curriculum facilitates student learning through interactive discussion, play-based learning, cooperative group work and hands-on activities. A signature event in our prekindergarten program is Clifford Day, which is held every spring. Teachers and students read aloud books from the Clifford series as the classes study the author, Norman Bridwell. The culminating project for the unit offers opportunities for students to publish Clifford-style books that they read to their families and classmates. On this special day, students wear red and celebrate all things Clifford.

Using the approaches of Responsive Classroom, the youngest learners at CGPS start every day with a Morning Meeting. An emerging sense of self, partnered with a sense of community, are built during this classroom time. Community-building activities foster responsibility, encourage learning from one another and form relationships that will continue throughout their time at CGPS. Beyond the classroom, the students experience swimming, music, drama, library, art, physical education, Yoga & Mindfulness and Spanish during the six-day cycle.

Prekindergarten Curriculum