We start at the very beginning!

We are excited to introduce you to the most magical Start to your child’s years at CGPS.

CGPS’s commitment to student-centered early childhood education stretches back decades. Our faculty are experts in how to engage, inspire and nurture our youngest students who make their home in our West 94th Street brownstones, creating an atmosphere of educational discovery with an emphasis on balance and curiosity, two of the School’s Core Values. 

We know that our Pre-K and K children are developing interests and passions, grounded in their curiosity about the world around them. Our early childhood program is designed to make their first years of structured learning pure joy. Each day is a balance between structure — such as literacy and numeracy instruction or visits from specialist teachers — and open-imaginative play during which young brains can make connections and social-emotional skills can develop. With an incredibly small student-teacher ratio—a minimum of two teachers at any time — each child is known and seen by their teachers, who can structure their learning around small groups or one-on-one time. We meet your children where they are, challenge and nurture them, every moment of the school day. 

Below, hear from our talented and dedicated Pre-K and K faculty on topics ranging from literacy to parent involvement. There are more FAQs below, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to Carrie Salvatore, Director of Admission and Enrollment Management, if you have any questions about our comprehensive program.

We begin with A, B, C!


Would you like to know how teachers interact with parents, or how welcome parents are welcomed into the classroom? Interested to learn more about literacy or numeracy? What about the importance of co-teaching and faculty collaboration? Let our teachers and coordinators tell you themselves.

Column 1

Margaret Kraft-Smith, Pre-K Coordinator

"Can you talk about parent involvement in Pre-K?"


Column 3

Ali Brock & Noah Kelly, Kindergarten Teachers

"Can you talk about co-teaching?"


Column 1

Melissa Barissi, Kindergarten Coordinator

"What is the Early Education math program like at CGPS?"


Column 2

Doretha Levine, After 3 Social Club Coordinator

"Talk to us about After 3 Social Club!"


Column 3

Emily Rhoda, Kindergarten Coordinator

"Can you describe the reading curriculum?"


Pre-K & K at CGPS

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Here are some more of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs: