Our Commitment 

Belonging, Opportunity and Citizenship at CGPS: A Statement from the Board of Trustees

CGPS commits to fostering a school environment in which all community members feel an unqualified sense of belonging and where all voices and perspectives are respected and embraced. Our School is stronger and our students are more successful when all have equitable access to opportunities and an understanding that, when everyone is included, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We expect our students to show a mutual respect for diverse opinions as they develop into ethical and responsible members of the CGPS community. CGPS believes that the ability to explore, accept and embrace others’ identities while also maintaining one's sense of self is a hallmark of a mature and competent citizen; our aim as an educational institution is to equip all CGPS students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to promote justice and create a more perfect union in the world beyond our School.

CGPS Community Goals

Our three pillars of Belonging, Opportunity and Citizenship have their foundation in our School's mission. 



Our goal is to create an environment at CGPS where all community members feel an unqualified sense of belonging in all facets of CGPS life. Our students, faculty and staff should feel secure in School, receive the support they need, be assured that their voices are heard, be agents of their own choices, feel acceptance from the greater community, be included in all parts of school life and feel that they can be their authentic selves.



We aim to ensure that every CGPS student has equitable access to opportunity by nurturing each student's unique passions and talents.  A student's experience at CGPS should prepare them for the world beyond our campus by developing their intellectual potential and inspiring an enduring curiosity so that they become responsible, caring and productive citizens.



We strive to equip all CGPS students with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to stand up for justice and create a more equitable society. We do this by instilling a sense of purpose so that our students embrace the challenges of achieving their dreams and improving the world around them.