Williams College Basketball Coach Has Dynamic Discussion with Middle Schoolers
Ruth Kornblatt-Stier

On Monday, February 8, students from the Middle School lunchtime extracurricular Sports Talk met with Kevin App, the head coach of the Williams College men’s basketball team, and some former Williams players. The group had a dynamic discussion about the world of college basketball and the sport itself, enjoying an enthusiastic back and forth about the NBA and pro players such as Miami Heat shooting guard Duncan Robinson, who used to play for Williams. 

Students had the chance to ask a variety of questions about life in college sports. The former players, including MS teacher and Sports Talk advisor Ethan Timmins-Schiffman, explained the importance of adjusting to new speeds of play and balancing academics, sports and other extracurriculars. Coach App explained the differences between D1 and D3, his coaching philosophy and the difficulties faced by most college athletes. The most important qualities in a student athlete are “grit, sticking it out, remaining positive and always working to be an integral part of the team,” he said. “This will lead to having much larger roles, the roles that people want from the get-go.” 

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