Marquis Austin

On Friday, October 16, forensic science students in Patrice Buckley and Debra Natale's classes were visited via Zoom by Keary Neary from the Westchester County District Attorney's Office. Ms. Neary is an Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Training and Education Bureau. She acts as a liaison between the police, the prosecution and the forensic laboratories as well as runs the internship program at the office. Ms. Neary described the roles of various laboratories, such as the forensic science lab, which deals with ballistics, DNA, trace and video evidence; the toxicology lab, which analyzes blood alcohol level, drug identification; and the fingerprint lab, which analyzes fingerprints. Additionally, she discussed the role of the prosecutor at the crime scene, the importance of chain of custody and warrants as well as the various databases used by law enforcement to identify criminal suspects. It was an informative and interesting discussion.

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