Sixth Graders Learn About the United States Government
Marquis Austin

Thanks to their current issues course with Middle School teacher Audrey Shalom, sixth graders have been able to keep up with the presidential election coverage. In class, students are learning about the inner workings of the United States government, including the three branches, the First Amendment, the electoral college and the Paris Agreement on climate change. “This year, I could understand what was going on,” said Bella P. “I was fully able to sit down and watch the news with my parents and understand what the candidates were saying.” Like Bella, Nick L. has appreciated the opportunity to dive deeper into U.S. politics and considers Ms. Shalom’s class to be one of his favorites: “I really liked learning about the election. I knew why people were voting for one candidate and why people were voting for the other. It’s a cool class.”

In addition to studying the U.S. government, the Middle Schoolers learned about refugees, immigrants and Dreamers. Recently, they watched Salam Neighbor, an award-winning documentary in which two American filmmakers get an up-close-and-personal look at the Syrian refugee crisis while they stay in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp for a month. “I liked learning about the refugees and what’s going on in those parts of the world,” said Maximiliano M.

Here are additional sentiments students shared about Ms. Shalom’s class and what they like about reading up on the U.S. government: 

Spyros A.
“I love learning about the government because we can understand how laws got passed, how they were made and what’s going on. It’s important to learn about because if we realize something’s not right, as a generation, we can try to change it.”

Noa M.
“I like learning about politics and what’s going on. I get to know what’s happening.”

Will B.
“It was nice to learn about it because now I can form my own view.”

Ellie H.
“I like that we learned about the electoral votes because now I know how a president wins.”

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