Seniors Corie M. and Victoria R. Publish Scientific Research Paper with CGPS Parent

Over the summer, seniors Corie M. and Victoria R. published a scientific research paper alongside CGPS parent Dr. Yiye Zhang and other scientists from Weill Cornell Medicine on using artificial intelligence to prevent postpartum depression (PPD) among new mothers. Corie and Victoria, both drawn to fields such as public health and developmental psychology, connected with Dr. Zhang last spring through the Prep School's Career Internship Program, which sources top-of-the-line internship opportunities from CGPS parents and alumni. At the time, Dr. Zhang and her research team were examining the electronic health record data of patients suffering from PPD to identify common characteristics and risk factors. They subsequently used their findings to formulate an algorithm capable of determining how likely a mother is to develop signs of PPD. 

Corie and Victoria contributed to the study by combing through peer-reviewed medical articles on PPD and creating easy-to-understand infographics for a social media app and website designed to help women the algorithm flagged as being susceptible to the mood disorder. "The goal is to predict who will get PPD and reduce the symptoms of it," explained Corie, who is interested in exploring the ways social media can improve rather than harm mental health. "It's gratifying to think that the posts we made can make a difference."

Both Corie and Victoria are grateful for their enlightening experience with Dr. Zhang. Victoria commented, "We want to thank CGPS and Dr. Zhang for giving us this opportunity; it was really interesting to be a part of this research firsthand. Both were very supportive." In the future, the two altruistic Prep Schoolers plan to continue doing whatever they can to alleviate mental health issues. "I just want to help people in any way possible," said Corie. "If I'm doing that, I'm happy." 

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