Science Teacher Nick Verga Honored by the Academy for Teachers

The Academy for Teachers recently selected Prep School science teacher Nick Verga to attend “Signs of Life: Exploring the Lost Lakes on Mars,” a selective and prestigious master class led by Tanja Bosak, MIT professor of geobiology. The Academy for Teachers recognizes and champions New York’s exceptional educators by matching them with distinguished experts and scholars for master classes in their field. 

The president of the Academy for Teachers, Sam Swope, said that Mr. Verga’s acceptance is a “well-deserved honor,” and that he is “confident that Mr. Verga will be a strong addition to the class.” Mr. Verga’s acceptance also designates him as a Fellow of the Academy of Teachers, granting him access to the Academy’s professional development scholarships, fellowships and workshops in addition to free admission to the Academy’s concerts, plays and lectures. 

For Mr. Verga, the selection is about far more than himself. He says, “It means so much to simply share this with my students, particularly my astronomy courses. They love being caught up with the most recent research and enjoy it when I learn something new. They also enjoy learning about what goes on ‘under the hood’ of teaching and were so happy when I was selected for my second course on astronomy by the Academy for Teachers.”

Congratulations, Mr. Verga!

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