PS World Language Department Launches New Literary Magazine
Marquis Austin

Columbia Prep is proud to announce the publication of its first world language literary magazine, The Globe (view the first issue here). Founded by Editor-in-Chief, Alex L. '22 as a trial club in January 2020, The Globe showcases the creativity and talents of our student body in the five world languages offered at Columbia Prep. Upon her arrival at Columbia Prep in September of 2019, Alex was impressed with the world language program and its offerings. The Columbia Prep world language department fosters an awareness and appreciation of cultural and linguistic diversity, and students develop an understanding of language and culture in order to acquire effective communication skills. Alex's vision for the magazine was realized with the help of Morgan H. '22, the Language Coordinator, and Sydney B. '22, the Arts and Design Director. The Globe's first edition is a product of creative collaboration during this challenging time of Distance Learning that underscores our students' commitment to language, culture and expression.
"The world language faculty and I could not be more pleased with the effort and enthusiasm that went into creating this publication. We are grateful to all of our brave students who contributed to the content of The Globe's first edition and to the teachers for their inspiration."

- Anne Grande, World Language Department Chair
"When I first came to CGPS this year, I was very impressed by the array of languages that were offered to students. I learned to love languages, speaking Greek and Spanish at home, and I was curious to dive into the culture. In my Spanish class, I am engaged and excited to learn, and now I am able to share my hard work for others to see. I am thrilled to present the first issue of The Globe and to see the growth of our publication. We hope you enjoy it! "

- Alex L. '22, Editor-in-Chief
"The Globe is an amazing addition to our school. The world language department is one of, if not the strongest departments at CGPS. Each and every student has walked the halls of the third floor and attended a specific language. Each language within the department is a community within a community. Students work so hard to master the languages they study and this magazine is the perfect way to showcase the wonderful work of students. As the magazine's Language Coordinator, I collect submissions and talk to our contributors. The contributors to our magazine are extremely proud of their work and care deeply about the language they study. The Globe is the perfect way to showcase the work of students and a great addition to CGPS publications."

- Morgan H. '22, Language Coordinator
"I have enjoyed being a part of this club and the enthusiasm of the editors and staff. Creating a design for the magazine was fun, and it was amazing to see this magazine come from nothing. I hope this club continues in the future because I love being a part of it. There are so many talented students in the world language department at CGPS, and I love having a platform to show off their work."

- Sydney B. '22, Arts and Design Director

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