Nieve M. ’21

Last week, the Nutrition/Food Science Club invited nutritionist Karen Sossin to discuss her opinion on the topics we had covered earlier in the year, such as fad diets, what to eat to maximize energy during workouts and the effects of supplements. Ms. Sossin has been a nutritionist for over 25 years and is the owner of Heart and Soul, a nutritionist consulting company. She is a licensed and certified dietitian in the state of New York and has served as the Regional Nutrition and Education Trainer for Western Suffolk BOCES for 10 years. She also works very closely with teens as the Nutrition Advisor to the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. Her private practice specializes in sports nutrition, adolescent health, disordered eating and wellness. She has even been published in many journals, newsletters and reference books in the field of nutrition. When she met with us, along with giving answers to our most pressing questions, she introduced us to many different activities and interesting topics that we can apply to our future meetings.

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