PS Hosts Virtual Visit With Generation S.O.S.
Marquis Austin

Last Tuesday, Prep School students and faculty met with representatives from Generation S.O.S., an organization whose mission is to “empower youth to make informed choices about substance use.” One current college student discussed her battle with drug and alcohol dependency. The speaker took the group through her high school years in New York City, chronicling her struggles with low self-esteem and inability to be comfortable in her own skin. Growing up in a family accustomed to drinking, she quickly turned to alcohol, and eventually drugs, to escape from herself. While she still managed to earn above-average grades and convince others she was okay, her life ultimately fell apart, and she knew it was time to get help. This past year, she has spent quarantine learning to spend time with herself without looking to alcohol, drugs or electronics as distractions. She told the students that everyone has something they do not like about themselves, but drugs and alcohol should not be employed as solutions. 

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