On Monday morning, the Prep School gathered for Columbia Prep: Who Are We?, a fun, spirited and stirring assembly focusing on what makes the CGPS community so strong. Featuring a number of student and faculty speakers in addition to videos created about what makes CGPS special, the assembly was a warming moment for the community to come together and appreciate all the hard work that everyone puts in each day to make the Prep School a safe and caring place. 

Student speakers included seniors who had been at CGPS since Pre-K and students who had only started in the PS last year, beginning their Columbia Prep journey remotely. “The community energy we have at Columbia is truly unmatched. We really like to work together, maybe even a little too much,” joked Laila R. ’24, eliciting laughter. Seniors thanked their college counselors in particular for guiding them through the difficult trials of the college process. “The college counselors go above and beyond for every student. The support that CGPS offers their seniors is instrumental,” said one student. A pair of brothers who began their CGPS journey remotely, Julian and Justin S. ’24, remarked that “here your opinion matters and someone is always there to listen.”

Scattered throughout the assembly were several trivia questions about the Prep School’s history, such as which CGPS alumnus competed in in the 2012 and 2021 Olympics — the correct answer being Nicole Ross ’07 of the US Olympic Fencing Team. Throughout these fun trivia moments, students enthusiastically shouted out answers, and different homerooms competed to see who could get the right answer first. In the assembly’s conclusion, senior Dani L. commented that “CGPS is a place where I have found myself, everything I love and friendships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” Students then headed off to class with a renewed sense of supportive camaraderie, a crucial tenet of the PS community. 

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