PS Environmental Club Meets With Oceana Educator & Campaign Organizer Brian Langloss
Maggie Karlin, PS Science Teacher & Environmental Club Advisor

On Friday, November 6, the Prep School's Environmental Club hosted a virtual visit from Brian Langloss, an educator and campaign organizer with Oceana. Oceana is an international non-profit organization that aims to protect and restore oceans on a global scale. Brian is a Gulf Coast native who spent much of his childhood on his grandfather's shrimp boat, and was ultimately displaced by Hurricane Katrina. As a highly trained chef, with a connection to the sea, Brian found his true calling in advocating on behalf of the ocean and its complex yet delicate food web. His visit began with an eloquent introduction by Olivia S. (senior and club co-president). Mr. Langloss' presentation highlighted the myriad issues of plastic in the ocean, why society has become dependent on single-use plastics and steps forward to create a world free of them. Q&A time at the end of the lecture gave students an opportunity to reflect on why incineration isn't a viable solution for our plastic waste, and how they as individuals can make a difference through their daily choices, purchasing power and social media presence. To watch the full discussion with Mr. Langloss, click here. 
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