Prep Schoolers Dazzle in Fall Play

This past week, Prep School students gave three dazzling performances of the play The Monstrum by Kellie Smith. After a year of making do with productions and performances over Zoom, students made a fantastic and exciting return to the stage, performing to a live audience of their peers and teachers.

The Monstrum takes place in a frigid rural village where a mysterious disease has begun to infect the young, transforming them into monstrous and demonic creatures. When Bolek, the village’s resident doctor and scholar, finds a faulty and gruesome cure, and his own daughter becomes infected, trouble and terror abound. Students brought the chilling tone of the play to life with their spectacular and powerful performances. They managed to evoke traditional horror stories such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in their rendition of The Monstrum as well as touch on topical issues, including the spread of disease and the challenges of adolescence. 

Furthermore, the set and technical aspects of the production were expertly executed, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Bravo to the fabulous cast and crew!

Head to Photos of the Week to see stills from The Monstrum.

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