Students Give Dazzling Performance in Prep School Musical
Ruth Kornblatt-Stier

This week, Prep School students gave two spectacular performances of their original production, Break Out: A Hybrid Musical. Beginning with a tribute to “Footloose,” students danced in their socks at home, through the halls of CGPS and throughout Central Park in an impressive group dance number. 

The overarching plot of Break Out centered around the actors as themselves, CGPS students, trying to figure out how to engineer a successful musical over a Zoom call. Each musical number represented their brainstorming sessions in breakout rooms, exhibiting the kind of performance they would ideally like to do. The genius of Break Out was that students were, in fact, able to perform their ideal musical, with each song tailored to a certain student or group of students’ wishes. Students’ favorite musical numbers included songs such as “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled: The Musical, “What Is This Feeling?” from Wicked and “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” from the Green Day musical, American Idiot

In one song, students sang, “For now we’re healthy, for now we’re happy,” addressing the stresses of living and being a high school student during the pandemic. In another song, three seniors sang about the sadness of leaving CGPS and each other. Incorporating a wide range of musical styles and choreography, Break Out: A Hybrid Musical was a resounding tour de force, demonstrating students’ exceptional abilities and capturing the difficult realities that CGPS students have faced over the past year. 

Bravo to the fabulous cast and crew!

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