MS Students Jake C. and Jake W. Launch Sports Podcast and Raise Money for COVID-19 Relief
Marquis Austin

This spring, rising sixth-graders Jake C. and Jake W. channeled their passion for everything sports-related and funneled it into the creation of The Swish, an insightful podcast exploring the world they both love and admire. For the two Middle School students, sports have always been significant sources of elation and inspiration in their lives. “They’re just fun to watch and play. It brings out excitement in people,” explained Jake C. Avid fans of basketball, football, baseball, what have you, The Swish co-hosts already have their sights set on careers in the athletics industry, sports broadcasting being an area of particular interest for them. With everyone stuck at home, they figured this was the perfect opportunity to kickstart their broadcasting résumés and bring their talents to the airwaves. “Since we can’t go outside a lot, we thought it would be a good idea,” commented Jake C. on the creation of The Swish. While the Jakes are only a few episodes into their new series, they have already attracted top-level talent within major sports leagues. “We DM a bunch of players on Instagram,” said Jake W. “We DM’d hundreds of players.” Due to their hard work and perseverance, recent entries of The Swish include attention-grabbing interviews with Mets pitcher Stephen Nogosek and Chicago Cubs pitcher Jonathan de Marte. “It was crazy,” noted Jake W. about interviewing the pro players. As to who would be their dream interviewee, the first athlete that came to their minds was no other than Los Angeles Laker Lebron James. “Everyone wants to talk to him,” said Jake C. 

As The Swish’s fanbase continues to grow each day, the ambitious and driven Middle School students have used their new platform to raise money for COVID-19 relief. As of Monday, June 8, 2020, they have surpassed their GoFundMe goal of $1,000 and raised $3,142 to support the World Health Organization’s pandemic response efforts. “We wanted to do a GoFundMe to help raise money for COVID-19 relief. We wanted to help buy masks for people who can’t afford it,” said Jake C. “We share it with our friends, and they share it with their friends. People we don’t even know are donating,” continued Jake W. 

You can check out The Swish on SoundCloud, Spotify and Instagram. In past episodes, the Jakes discuss their top ten players for each position in the NFL, NBA playoff predictions and more. Make sure to stay tuned for more content. “There’s a bunch more sports topics to talk about,” teased Jake. W. 

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